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Remote Inspections

Remote Inspection Training

IOIA Remote Inspection Training


IOIA developed this training in response to the COVID19 pandemic, which made it unsafe to conduct many on-site organic inspections. In order to provide safe working conditions, IOIA continues to offer this training in how to conduct effective virtual, or remote, inspections based on the ACA best practices.


Registration for the training comes with a one-year subscription to this site.
This training is FREE to IOIA Inspector members.


In order to access this web-based resource guide, first please:

  1. Register/Pay via the GoToWebinar portal

  2. Create an account for this website 


After you have registered and are granted access to this site,
please follow the steps below to complete the training.

We’re glad you’re here!


Step 1

Review "Overview"

Step 2

Watch the Webinar

Step 4

Take an online quiz to receive a certificate

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